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What We Do

Our team of professionals has expertise in surveying, asset valuations, feasibility studies, consultancy and related services.
We cater to the varied needs of the clients assuring best in the market quality and timely delivery of services. We rely on latest technology and vouch for automated and augmented processes for conducting our activities.

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As authorized valuers for immovable assets, SAV India executes valuations for a number financial institutions, corporates and individuals as per their need. Read More
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Our team of engineers is well equipped to conduct contour surveys for large parcels of land and evaluate the strength of the soil on which construction is planned. Read More
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Our panelists work closely with the business owners focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. Read More

How We Work

At SAV India, we aim to improve and perform better each day. Our core team is focused at unprecedented utilization of technology that we have built on our own. We provide continuous support to the frontend activities and contribute in accuracy of deliverables. Our skilled manpower and experienced personnel are data driven and promote a culture that is diverse.


About Us

We are a non-design, engineering house working in the space of real estate and infrastructure. We assist large architects, developers, contractors and even individuals through various stages of their construction activities. With the use of latest technology, tools and a well trained team to execute the work on ground, SAV India has been able to deliver results and establish its credibility in the market.
We are a result-oriented, professional and collaborative team that is driven by a vision to improve and perform better each day.

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Clients' Speak

SAV India has been extremely professional in their approach while handling assignments and has an in-depth understanding of the real estate sector. A meticulous approach and an efficient team to execute the project has helped us in getting quality reports on a timely basis.

Arthveda Fund Management Private Limited

Got acquainted to SAV India through a friend and availed their services. With the dedication and willingness to deliver perfect work SAV India has made a loyal customer in me. SAV India not just delivered precision but also adhered to the turnaround time.

Raavish Malhotra Design Associates

They have been our preferred valuers for a past few years in the North India region and we have been extremely satisfied with their services. Their use of technology and data driven approach gives them a unique edge in the market.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited